Vaccaro to Attend School at Purdue University

Kent Vaccaro is well on his way to competing at the top levels of motor racing in the United States, and has made an effort to support that off the track. Vaccaro has decided to attend Purdue University, in West Lafayette, just an hour outside the famous city of Indianapolis.

“There were many reasons why Purdue was the perfect fit for me. I was struggling to choose between two schools, but there was a voice in my head telling me to go to Indy. Getting myself to Purdue fulfills a huge leap in my career, and I intend to make great use of the networking opportunities that will be available to me there,” Vaccaro said.

Purdue has many connections with the racing world, including holding a famous Grand Prix, which is a week-long karting event that takes place in the Spring.

Vaccaro intends to compete in this event, which will allow him to bring his racing knowledge to campus. He says, “I found a great passion for engineering and business in the last few years as a professional race car driver, and heading to Purdue will allow me to learn more about those fields. I can then apply that new knowledge to my career, and help myself get to the Indy 500.”

Starting school in August, Vaccaro intends to graduate with a degree in Industrial Management, a business degree that requires engineering classes, allowing him to pursue both of his passions. He is excited to be a part of the Larsen Leaders Academy in the Krannert School of Business, and will continue to race full time.